What is Samyaktva?

It is a quest for the truth. It is the ability to see things exactly as they are. It is also known as ‘samkit’ and ‘samyak darshan’ and occupies a central place in the path of self realization.

Objectives of Satya Vigyan Foundation

  • Promote the adoption of truthfuless
  • Explore and expound the working of the truth
  • Highlight how awareness of the gross truth at the material level
  • Engender the realization that dhyana is the logical extension of the practice of truth.

The Shramana tradition of India focuses on the absolute truth. There is no central deity to be worshipped. Nor is there any belief in a supreme being who, if propitiated, can fix things for you. Hence, the emphasis on self reliance. Only the soul is its own true guru. All else is ‘para’ or distinct from the soul.

पुरिसा ! सच्चमेव समभिजाणाहि

O seeker! Only the truth is worthy of knowing. Know the truth as deeply and as thoroughly as possible. A relentless seeker of the truth starts realizing the true character of things and of mundane life. Moreover, he clearly sees what hinds him to the outside world and how and why he fails to protect himself from the bondage and trappings of the external world. He draws away from worldly desires but not because of any dogma or sermon. The withdrawal is spontaneous, just as one would recoil reflexively from a dangerous or useless thing. As the seeker of truth advances, each experience enriches his understanding exponentially. He reaches the portal of the core of his entity and discovers the absolute truth. With disciplined practice of mindfulness and withdrawal of sensual desire, he experiences inner bliss without chasing it or imaging it. We must all aspire for the truth. For the truth shall set us free. All good qualities are rooted in the truth.

सर्वं सत्ये प्रतिष्ठितम्

Everything is established in truth

तत्त्वार्थश्रद्धानं सम्यग्दर्शनम्

Samyaktva is firm conviction in the aspects of reality.

It arises when substances are ascertained as exactly as they are, in the light of absolute truth.

Each religion in the world has placed great emphasis on the truth.

Although each religion and sect has sermonized the truth, its practice has declined over time. This is largely because of a lack of understanding as to how truth works and how it results in spiritual as temporal wellness. People are unable to understand the immense power of the truth. Truth is unconquerable.

The Satya Vignan Foundation

The Satya Vignan Foundation exists to support this Quest for the Truth.

Realising the enternal and universal nature of the quest for truth, the Satya Vijnan Foundation is open to all. It is not bound by any religion or sect and is not confined to any caste or community. It is for those who are unbiased and seek the truth.

The objectives

To promote the adoption of the truthfulness as the defining trait and master strategy in life. Truthfulness is quality that effortlessly develops all other positive qualities that help in leading a good worldly as well as a spiritual life.

To explore and expound the working of the truth in the inner world of one’s psyche and in the outer world of which we are all a part and with which we interact on a constant basis. In the process the SVF hopes to demonstrate that the practice of truthfulness is the strongest bulwark against modern day businesses, media and politics that increasingly manipulate one’s emotions to serve their own agenda.

To highlight how awareness of the gross truth at the material level, step by step, leads to the discovery of subtler and deeper truths relating to one’s own existence and the workings of the universe.

To engender the realization that dhyana is the logical extension of the practice of truth. Both are two sides of the same phenomenon. Together, dhyana and satya greatly expedite meaningful progress on the path of samyaktva, which is the unique cornerstone of Indian spiritual traditions.

Based on these insights, it was decided to develop and present workshops on samyatkva. Pursuant to this, so far over twenty workshops have been held in different parts of the country. Public response has been tremendous! Nearly 5000 participants have been inspired to focus on samyaktva as the key goal of whatever the practice.

The Seminars

The seminars have been led by Dr Jitendra Shah, who explains the philosophical and doctrinal aspects of samyaktva. Dr. Shah is joined by Mr Vallabh Bhanshali, who reveals the experiential dimensions of samyaktva. The Satya Vijnan Foundation is a step down entity of the Desh Apnayen Foundation(eshapnayen.org). It has been founded by Mr. Vallabh Bhanshali, a business leader and meditator, along with the renowned scholar Dr. Jitendra Shah.