Satya Vigyan Foundation

Everything is established in truth

Samyaktva is firm conviction in the aspects of reality.
It arises when substances are ascertained as exactly as they are, in the light of absolute truth. Each religion in the world has placed great emphasis on the truth. Although each religion and sect has sermonized the truth, its practice has declined over time. This is largely because of a lack of understanding as to how truth works and how it results in spiritual as temporal wellness. People are unable to understand the immense power of the truth. Truth is unconquerable.

The Satya Vigyan Foundation exists to support this Quest for the Truth.
Realising the enternal and universal nature of the quest for truth, the Satya Vigyan Foundation is open to all. It is not bound by any religion or sect and is not confined to any caste or community. It is for those who are unbiased and seek the truth.

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Our Vision

To support the Quest for the Truth.

Our Aim

To engender that dhyana is the logical extension of truth.

Our Mission

To promote the adoption of the truthfulness